Anika Suzanne Skin Care & Cosmetics

Anika Chillingworth had a vision. This became her own line of skin care and make up. Anika has always been passionate about her career as a beauty therapist and an educator to her clients but felt she needed to excel herself further. 

It was a challenge but one in which she spent 12 months in ensuring she would offer the highest quality to her clients when it came to what they were using on a day to day basis.

All products are free of parabens, hypo-allergenic, allergy tested, non-comedogenic, fragrance free and it is very important to Anika that NONE of her products are tested on animals.

Her Make Up line delivers an array of colours, textures and coverage to ensure each individual's look suits their personality.

From foundations, powders, lip gloss to bronzers, Anika is excited for you to experience her line.

Anika knows and understands the pressure of today’s society in having the perfect look and flawless skin. We over complicate things. We feel we need to dress it up or add more. When all along it already is just perfect. Anika believes Skin Care should not be complicated.

It will bring you balance while nurturing your skin.

A botanical based line that is gentle, uncomplicated and extremely effective for all skin types.

Experience why so many are excited with their Anika Suzanne range.